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Cat Plush Toy Set

Discover the adorable Cat Family Plush Toy Set, a collection of 4 charming feline companions that will capture the hearts of cat lovers and plush toy enthusiasts alike.

Unique and Adorable Designs

This set includes a White Cat Mom and her three adorable kittens in white, brown, and pink. Each one features a distinct expression and color, adding a touch of uniqueness to your plush collection.

These plush toys are available in multiple sizes to suit your preferences.

Premium Quality Material

Made from 100% polyester, these plush toys are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The high-density plush material ensures maximum softness, weight, and quality that you can feel the moment you touch them.

Easy Maintenance

Caring for these plush toys is a breeze. While they are machine washable, we recommend hand cleaning to maintain their color and vibrancy. Simply spot clean as needed to keep them looking their best.

Important Note: Let Them Breathe

When your plush kitty set arrives, it may be slightly flattened due to vacuum packaging. To restore their full fluffiness, gently loosen the cotton filling. You can speed up the process by placing them in the sun or using a dryer.

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Cat Plush with 3 Kitty Plushies

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