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Fox Plush Toy – Multiple Sizes Available

Safe and Soft Fox Stuffed Animal for All Ages

We take pride in offering you an exclusive and cuddly Fox Plush Toy. Our plush foxes come in various sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Made with non-toxic materials and safety eyes, our NiuniuDaddy Toy has passed rigorous CPSC certified lab testing and holds the CPC certificate.

Our fox pillow is crafted from ultra-soft fox squishy plush micro-polyester. It’s not just safe but also incredibly soft, making it as comfortable as a cloud when touched. It’s generously filled with 3D artificial down cotton, ensuring a huggable experience.

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 11.8″, 3 oz
  • Medium – 18″, 11 oz
  • Large – 26″, 20 oz
  • X-Large – 39″, 25 oz

Our plush foxes are suitable for all ages, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect cuddly companion. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your friends, family, or loved ones, our fox plushies make a wonderful choice. The large fox stuffed animal is perfect for adults, while the small and medium sizes are ideal for kids.

This adorable fox plush features a lazy facial expression, a round body, and limbs on its tummy, making it incredibly cuddly. It’s not just a decorative pillow for your bed, sofa, chair, desk, or couch, but also a fantastic huggable fox body pillow for a restful sleep. It’ll always be there for you, providing comfort and companionship.

Care Instructions:

When you receive your fox toy plush, it may appear a bit wrinkled and under-filled due to the vacuum-sealed packaging. Don’t worry; it will fluff up and regain its shape within 24 hours. You can also machine wash it by putting it in the washer with cold water. After washing, expose it to the sun or put it through several cycles in a dryer to maintain its fluffiness and cleanliness.

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Big Lying Fox Plush Toy Pillow

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