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Windows 11 Pro USB – The Ultimate Productivity Upgrade for Businesses and Professionals: A Comprehensive Review

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Instantly productive. Simpler, more intuitive UI and effortless navigation. New features like snap layouts help you manage multiple tasks with ease

Smarter collaboration. Have effective online meetings. Share content and mute/unmute right from the taskbar (1). Stay focused with intelligent noise cancelling and background blur. (2)

Reassuringly consistent. Have confidence that your applications will work. Familiar deployment and update tools. Accelerate adoption with expanded deployment policies.

Powerful security. Safeguard data and access anywhere with hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware protection built-in.

Windows 11 Pro USB Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4.37 x 5.83 x 0.83 inches; 0.63 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft

Product Description

Windows 11 is designed for hybrid work. Windows 11 Pro delivers a powerful, streamlined user experience that helps you stay focused and get more done – wherever your office might be.


  • Beautiful, more consistent design
  • Great window layout options
  • Strong video gaming features
  • Performance-improving features
  • Runs Android apps


  • Requires a recent CPU (computer) as it is the most recent release but can be installed on older PCs with additional hardware upgrades like 8GB Ram and SSD hard drive.
  • Some interface changes like the new Start menu and Taskbar take getting used to
  • Useful tools are gone: Timeline, some tablet gestures, and Action Center

A New Era for Windows

With Windows 11, Microsoft has brought a refreshing and visually appealing upgrade to its market-leading desktop operating system. The new design features a centered Taskbar, rounded window corners, and translucent textures, giving Windows 11 a modern and consistent look. Despite the fresh design, using Windows 11 doesn’t feel drastically different from its predecessor, Windows 10. The updates primarily focus on surface tweaks rather than deep codebase changes, ensuring that all your familiar applications still run seamlessly on the new operating system. After six years of incremental updates, this major overhaul has given Windows fans something to be excited about, and it has earned our Editors’ Choice award alongside Apple’s polished macOS Ventura.

What’s New in Windows 11?

In September 2022, Windows 11 received its first major feature update with the 2022 Update (version 22H2). This update introduced new tabs for File Explorer, updates to the Taskbar and Start Menu, accessibility features, touch-screen gestures, and new apps like the ClipChamp video editor and the Sound Recorder. It also included Smart App Control, a security feature that prevents the installation of malicious apps. Additionally, Windows 11 now offers a search box that links to Bing AI Chat for refined searches and generating text. Phone Link capability for iPhones is also being introduced, allowing users to connect their iPhones to Windows 11. These updates enhance the user experience and provide new capabilities to Windows 11 users.

Hardware Requirements

1. Processor:

A compatible 64-bit processor with at least 1 GHz clock speed and 2 or more cores.

2. RAM:

A minimum of 4 GB of RAM but 8GB ram is recommended

3. Storage:

At least 64 GB of available storage, SSD hard drives are recommended.

4. Graphics Card:

DirectX 12 compatible graphics or later with a WDDM 2.0 driver.

5. Display:

A display with at least 720p resolution. Higher resolutions are recommended for optimal viewing.

6. TPM:

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 is required.

7. Internet Connection:

Internet connectivity is necessary to perform updates and download additional content.

Availability and Release Date

Windows 11 was officially announced on June 24, 2021, and its release date was October 5, 2021. It is available for download and installation through Windows Update for eligible devices.

Upgrade Process

To upgrade to Windows 11, eligible Windows 10 users can check for updates in the Windows Update settings on their device. If the device meets the requirements and is eligible, the option to upgrade to Windows 11 will be provided.

Alternatively, users can also perform a clean installation of Windows 11 using an ISO file or a bootable USB drive. However, it’s important to back up all important files and data before performing a clean installation.


Windows 11 is available in different editions, including Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro, catering to different user needs and scenarios. The Pro edition offers additional features and capabilities designed for business and professional users.

Features and Enhancements

Windows 11 brings a fresh design, improved productivity features, enhanced gaming capabilities, and better integration with other Microsoft services. It aims to provide a more modern and streamlined user experience for both work and play.

Some notable features of Windows 11 include:

  • A centered Start Menu and Taskbar for a more visually appealing and centered experience.
  • Redesigned and more intuitive system tray with new features like Focus Assist and Chat integration.
  • Improved virtual desktops and multitasking capabilities with the new Snap Layouts and Snap Groups features.
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Teams for seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Enhanced gaming features, including Auto HDR, DirectStorage, and improved Xbox app integration.
  • Better touch, pen, and voice input experiences for touchscreen and 2-in-1 devices.
  • Tighter integration with Microsoft services like Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Microsoft Edge.

Windows 11 offers a range of other enhancements and optimizations to improve performance, security, and compatibility with a wide range of devices and applications.

Overall, Windows 11 aims to provide a more refined and modern operating system experience while building on the familiar foundation of Windows 10.

A New Look (and More) for Windows

Redesigned Interface

Windows 11 introduces a redesigned interface that brings a new look and feel to the operating system. While most of the work went into refining the existing features rather than introducing entirely new ones, the changes are noticeable. The interface now features rounded corners for windows, reminiscent of macOS, giving it a smoother and more modern appearance. Microsoft’s Fluent Design System and the new Mica material contribute to the overall redesign, with semi-transparent elements becoming more prevalent in included apps and utilities.

Start Menu and Taskbar

The Start menu has undergone a major overhaul in Windows 11. The familiar Start button has been shifted from its traditional lower-left position to the left edge of centered icons. This adjustment may take some getting used to for long-time Windows users. Additionally, the new Start menu introduces pinned app buttons at the top and a Recommended section below. While the new design brings a slick and touch-friendly interface, some users may miss the simplicity of the All Apps view in Windows 10. However, the 22H2 update addresses some concerns by adding the ability to group pinned app icons into folders and customize the portion of Pinned vs. Recommended icons.

File Explorer

File Explorer in Windows 11 showcases the new design direction with updated left panel controls and colorful folder icons. The ribbon interface has been simplified, reducing clutter and creating a cleaner look. The long-awaited addition of tabs in File Explorer allows for better multitasking and improved organization. The right-click context menus have also been revamped, displaying only the most frequently used options and reducing the clutter caused by installed programs.

Enhanced Features and Functionality

Search Box

The search function in Windows 11 has received improvements, offering a more versatile and functional experience. The search box, located next to the Start button, now allows users to type directly into it. The panel that appears after clicking in the search box displays results from documents, photos, folders, settings, and the web. The addition of Bing AI buttons provides quick access to AI chat and Bing AI Chat page. This new layout, with a daily spotlight and recently used apps icons, offers a convenient way to jump back into an app without navigating through the Start menu.


Windows 11 introduces a Widget panel that provides quick access to news, weather, stock quotes, sports scores, and more. While not entirely new, as a similar feature called News and Interests was recently added to Windows 10, the Widget panel in Windows 11 offers a more refined and customizable experience. Third-party developers can now offer content through Windows 11’s widgets, expanding the possibilities for personalized information. Touch screen users can easily swipe in from the left to open the widgets, and the panel can be full-screened for a larger view.

Notifications and Quick Settings

Windows 11’s notifications have been redesigned to resemble macOS’s notification area, with smaller pop-ups replacing the single panel found in Windows 10. While not as intrusive as the macOS notifications, some users may prefer the single Action Center panel in Windows 10. The Quick Settings panel provides easy access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery settings, and more. Users can customize the buttons that appear in the panel, allowing for quick adjustments to commonly used settings. However, some users may prefer a more streamlined experience with only relevant settings appearing when clicking on specific icons.

Virtual Desktops and Snap Layouts

Windows 11 enhances the virtual desktop feature by allowing users to customize each virtual desktop with its own wallpaper and settings. This provides a more personalized and organized workspace for multitasking. Snap Layouts, a new feature introduced in Windows 11, makes it easier to arrange and manage multiple windows on the screen. Users can quickly snap windows into predefined layouts, such as side-by-side or in a grid, for efficient multitasking. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who work with multiple applications simultaneously.

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store in Windows 11 has undergone a significant revamp. It now offers a more curated selection of apps and games, with a focus on quality and relevance. Developers have more flexibility in submitting their apps, and users can benefit from a wider range of available software. Microsoft has also introduced support for running Android apps on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store, further expanding the app ecosystem for users. This is a notable addition for businesses and professionals who may rely on specific mobile apps for their work.

Performance and Security

Windows 11 introduces several performance improvements, including faster startup times, reduced memory usage, and better overall responsiveness. The new DirectStorage technology enables faster loading times for games and applications by leveraging the capabilities of NVMe SSDs. Windows 11 also brings enhanced security features, such as Windows Hello biometric authentication improvements, including support for multiple cameras simultaneously. Virtualization-based security (VBS) is enabled by default, offering better protection against advanced threats. These performance and security enhancements are crucial for businesses and professionals who rely on their systems for productivity and data security.

System Requirements and Compatibility

It’s important to note that Windows 11 introduces updated system requirements compared to its predecessor, Windows 10. The minimum requirements include a compatible 64-bit processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage. Additionally, a DirectX 12-compatible graphics card is required for certain features. Windows 11 also requires a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) version 2.0, which may require hardware upgrades for some older systems.

As for compatibility, Windows 11 aims to support a wide range of devices, but not all older devices will be able to upgrade. Microsoft provides a PC Health Check tool that can assess whether a device meets the necessary requirements for Windows 11. It’s recommended to check device compatibility before considering an upgrade, especially for businesses and professionals who rely on specific hardware configurations.


Windows 11 Pro USB for businesses and professionals brings a fresh look and refined features to the Windows operating system. The redesigned interface, enhanced functionalities such as virtual desktops and Snap Layouts, and improvements in performance and security make it a compelling choice for productivity-focused users. The new Microsoft Store, with its expanded app selection and support for Android apps, further enhances the software ecosystem for business needs. However, it’s crucial to consider the updated system requirements and device compatibility before upgrading to Windows 11, especially for businesses that rely on specific hardware configurations. Overall, Windows 11 Pro USB offers an improved user experience and a range of features that can enhance productivity and efficiency in professional environments.

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Windows 11 Pro USB for Businesses and Professionals

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Windows 11 Pro USB is a compelling upgrade for businesses and professionals. With its fresh design, streamlined UI, and improved productivity features, it enhances the user experience. The new Start menu and Taskbar may take some getting used to, but the window layout options and strong gaming features are noteworthy. It requires a recent CPU and additional hardware upgrades for older PCs. Overall, Windows 11 Pro USB offers a modern and efficient operating system for professionals, with improved security and compatibility. It’s important to check system requirements and compatibility before upgrading.

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