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Discover the SMETA French Door Refrigerator: Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion

Welcome to the world of culinary convenience and modern elegance with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator! Get ready to revolutionize your kitchen experience with this state-of-the-art appliance. We’re here to educate you about the incredible features and benefits of the SMETA French Door Refrigerator in a friendly and engaging way. So, let’s dive in!

Ample Storage Capacity: Your Kitchen’s Best Friend

With a generous capacity of 22.5 cubic feet, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator is the perfect solution for storing all your favorite foods and beverages. The cleverly designed French Door configuration allows easy access to both the refrigerator and freezer compartments, making organizing your groceries a breeze. No more digging around for items; everything will be within reach!

Automatic Ice Maker: Say Goodbye to Ice Tray Hassles

We know how frustrating it can be to fill ice trays manually. But with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator’s automatic ice maker, your worries are over! With just a touch of a button, you’ll have a continuous supply of ice. From summer barbecues to refreshing beverages, this feature keeps your drinks chilled to perfection, making it ideal for hot days and gatherings with friends and family.

Energy Efficiency: Cooling Without the High Bills

Worried about high electricity bills? Fear not! The SMETA French Door Refrigerator comes equipped with an inverter compressor that runs on 115 Volts, ensuring energy-saving performance without compromising cooling power. You can keep your food fresh while enjoying long-term savings on your utility bills. It’s a win-win situation!

Freshness Preservation: A Haven for Your Fruits and Veggies

We understand the importance of preserving the freshness of your produce. The SMETA French Door Refrigerator comes to the rescue with its double crispers that provide optimal humidity control. This extends the lifespan of your fruits and vegetables, reducing food waste and helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The adjustable shelves and gallon bins add to the flexibility and convenience, allowing you to store items of various sizes with ease.

Modern Design: Elevate Your Kitchen Aesthetic

Are you tired of dull and uninspiring kitchen appliances? The SMETA French Door Refrigerator boasts a modern and sleek design that perfectly complements any kitchen decor. Its stainless steel finish adds an elegant touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Whether your kitchen style is contemporary or traditional, this refrigerator seamlessly integrates into your design scheme, adding a touch of sophistication.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and care are a breeze with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator. Cleaning is straightforward, thanks to the easy-to-clean stainless steel surface. To keep your appliance in top-notch condition, we recommend soaking the fridge with hot water for an hour during the spring and summer to remove any accumulated dirt. Regularly checking the water tank and pipes for leaks is also advised, and if any issues arise, you can count on SMETA’s reliable repair services.

Ventilation: A Fresh and Pleasant Kitchen

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a fresh kitchen environment. To ensure no lingering odors, we suggest opening the refrigerator door for 20 minutes after storing meat or fish. This simple step guarantees that your refrigerator maintains a pleasant aroma, contributing to a more enjoyable kitchen atmosphere.

Warranty and Support: Your Satisfaction Matters

At SMETA, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We back our product with a comprehensive warranty and support service, providing you with peace of mind. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, our dedicated team is available to assist you and ensure that your refrigerator operates at its best, ensuring your satisfaction with your purchase.

Why the SMETA French Door Refrigerator is the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Look no further! The SMETA French Door Refrigerator is a thoughtful and practical gift choice that will bring joy and convenience to their everyday lives. Here’s why it’s the perfect gift:

1. Ultimate Kitchen Convenience

Whether your loved ones are culinary enthusiasts or busy parents, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator offers the ultimate kitchen convenience. Its ample storage capacity, automatic ice maker, and easy organization features make daily tasks in the kitchen a breeze. No more struggling to find space for groceries or manually filling ice trays; this refrigerator takes care of it all!

2. Energy Savings and Sustainability

Giving the gift of the SMETA French Door Refrigerator also means giving the gift of energy efficiency and sustainability. Its inverter compressor and energy-saving design help reduce electricity consumption, leading to long-term savings on utility bills and promoting a greener lifestyle. Your loved ones will appreciate both the financial and environmental benefits.

3. Freshness and Health Preservation

Health-conscious individuals will adore the freshness preservation features of this refrigerator. With double crispers for optimal humidity control, fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer, reducing food waste and encouraging healthier eating habits. The adjustable shelves and gallon bins provide convenient space for storing nutritious items, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet.

4. Aesthetics and Elegance

The SMETA French Door Refrigerator’s modern design and stainless steel finish add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Its sleek appearance enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space, giving your loved ones a kitchen they’ll be proud to show off to friends and family.

5. Reliable Support and Warranty

By gifting the SMETA French Door Refrigerator, you’re not only providing a top-notch appliance but also the assurance of reliable support and warranty. In the rare event of any issues, SMETA’s dedicated team will be there to assist, ensuring your loved ones’ continued satisfaction with their gift.

Customer Reviews

Jessica Summers

I recently purchased the SMETA French Door Refrigerator, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The ample storage capacity and clever organization features have made my life so much easier. Now I can easily find what I need without any hassle. Plus, the automatic ice maker is a game-changer during the hot summer days. I highly recommend this refrigerator to anyone looking for both style and functionality in their kitchen!

Michael Anderson

The SMETA French Door Refrigerator is simply outstanding. I love the modern design and how it seamlessly fits into my kitchen decor. Not to mention, the freshness preservation features have extended the lifespan of my fruits and vegetables, reducing my food waste. The energy efficiency is a bonus as well, helping me save on my electricity bills. It’s a win-win in my book!

Emily Parker

This refrigerator is a game-changer! The spacious capacity provides enough room for my family’s needs, and the top drawer ice maker is so convenient. I no longer have to worry about running out of ice during gatherings. The stainless steel finish is not only elegant but also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate the freshness preservation features. My fruits and vegetables stay crisp and fresh for longer, allowing me to lead a healthier lifestyle without constantly rushing to the grocery store.

The customer support from SMETA has been top-notch. When I had a minor issue with the delivery, their team promptly addressed it, showing that they genuinely care about their customers’ satisfaction. I feel confident that I made the right choice with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and stylish refrigerator for their kitchen.

Benjamin Thompson

I recently moved into a new home, and the SMETA French Door Refrigerator was the first appliance I upgraded. I couldn’t be happier with my decision! The counter-depth design fits perfectly into my kitchen space, giving it a polished look. The french doors with hidden handles add a touch of sophistication, and the inside ice maker is so convenient. I no longer have to worry about refilling ice trays manually, which is a game-changer during parties.

What truly impressed me was the company’s support during the installation process. The delivery team was extremely helpful, and they even assisted me in bringing the refrigerator into my kitchen. The refrigerator’s operation is whisper-quiet, and the LED interior lighting is a nice touch.

Overall, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator has exceeded my expectations in terms of design, functionality, and customer support. It’s the perfect addition to my home, and I’m confident it will serve me well for years to come.

Questions and Answers

Will the SMETA French Door Refrigerator work in the Caribbean (Jamaica)?

Answer:The SMETA French Door Refrigerator is designed to work with a standard 115 Volts electric current, similar to what is used in the US. If your electric current matches this specification, it should work well in the Caribbean, including Jamaica.

Who makes the SMETA brand?

Answer:The SMETA brand is manufactured by SMETA Electric Co. in China. They are renowned for producing high-quality kitchen appliances, and the SMETA French Door Refrigerator is one of their standout products.

Is the black stainless steel version of the SMETA refrigerator darker than Samsung’s black stainless steel?

Answer: No, the black stainless steel finish of the SMETA refrigerator is not as dark as Samsung’s black stainless steel. It has a beautiful and distinct stainless steel appearance that adds elegance to your kitchen.

Will the color and finish of the SMETA black stainless steel refrigerator match well with Samsung black stainless appliances like a dishwasher or stove?

Answer:The SMETA black stainless steel refrigerator’s color and finish may not be an exact match with other brands like Samsung. If you desire a cohesive look, it is recommended to stick with appliances from the same brand. However, the unique stainless steel appearance of the SMETA refrigerator can complement various kitchen styles and designs.

What is the return policy if the SMETA refrigerator is not what we are looking for?

Answer:If you purchased the SMETA refrigerator from Amazon, you can benefit from Amazon’s excellent return policy. They typically offer hassle-free returns within a specific timeframe, allowing you to return the refrigerator if it doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements.

What kind of connector do I need for the ice maker?

Answer:The SMETA French Door Refrigerator’s ice maker requires a standard 1/4″ ice maker line. You can find this type of connector at hardware stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware. The refrigerator has a line on the back, so you just need to connect it to a 1/4″ cold water line behind your fridge. If you are unsure about the necessary parts, ask the hardware store for guidance based on your kitchen setup.

Is the SMETA refrigerator made of real stainless steel?

Answer: Yes, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator is made of real stainless steel. The magnetic attach feature is typical for stainless steel appliances, confirming its authenticity and high-quality construction.

Does the SMETA refrigerator have a water dispenser?

Answer:No, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator does not come with a water dispenser. However, it is equipped with an automatic ice maker, providing you with a continuous supply of ice cubes at your convenience.


In conclusion, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator is not just an appliance; it’s a game-changer in the world of kitchen convenience. With its ample storage capacity, automatic ice maker, energy efficiency, freshness preservation features, and modern design, it surpasses expectations and elevates the kitchen experience. Gifting the SMETA French Door Refrigerator to your loved ones is a thoughtful way to enhance their daily lives, making tasks easier, and adding a touch of elegance to their home. Upgrade their kitchen with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator and witness the joy and gratitude it brings to their lives.

So why wait? Treat your loved ones to the gift of sophistication and practicality with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator. Order now and let the smiles begin!

Remember, SMETA is here for you every step of the way, from purchase to support. So, join the SMETA family today and experience the difference!

Brand Name ‎SMETA
Item Weight ‎297 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎35.9 x 29 x 69.9 inches
Capacity ‎22.5 Cubic Feet
Installation Type ‎Freestanding
Part Number ‎SM-827WMU
Form Factor ‎French Door, Freezer Bottom
Special Features ‎Ice Maker
Color ‎stainless steel french door
Voltage ‎115 Volts
Defrost ‎Automatic
Door Material Type ‎Stainless Steel
Shelf Type ‎adjustable shelves
Shelves ‎6
Batteries Required? ‎No
Number Of Doors ‎2
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The SMETA French Door Refrigerator is a game-changer. With its sleek stainless steel design, spacious 22.5 cubic feet capacity, and convenient features like the automatic ice maker, it’s perfect for any modern kitchen. The energy-efficient inverter compressor ensures optimal cooling while saving on electricity bills. The double crispers and adjustable shelves provide excellent organization and freshness for your groceries. With easy maintenance and a stylish design, this refrigerator is a must-have for those seeking convenience and sophistication in their kitchen. Upgrade your space with the SMETA French Door Refrigerator today!

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