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The Dungeon World Series Box Set

The entire best-selling Dungeon World series is now together in one volume!

This Dungeon World Series Box Set includes:

  • Dungeon World Books 1 – 5
  • Hand-drawn maps I used while writing the series
  • Bonus short story

Discover a World of Adventure

In a world five times larger than Earth, dungeons and their Dungeon Cores have become the top of the food chain. Millions of dungeons inhabit the planet, utilizing the Human people as a source of much-needed Mana to facilitate their own growth; in turn, the humans delve into the dungeons to acquire their own power in the form of Essence, which allows them to develop and enhance themselves in a multitude of different ways. It is a symbiotic relationship that has lasted thousands of years and has brought about a measure of peace.

Far in the northern wilds where no Humans (and therefore – no dungeons) regularly frequent, a young man is left alone when his parents are suddenly murdered. Now, without friends, family, supplies, or even much knowledge of the wider world, Fredwynklemossering embarks on a journey to discover who – or what – killed his parents. Along the way, however, he learns more than he bargained for, including his seemingly impossible status as a Dungeon Core/Human hybrid. With that knowledge comes a shift in his objective; revenge against those who wronged him turns out to pale in comparison to the dangers the Humans will face in the future.

Will Fred be able to successfully straddle the line between the Human and Dungeon Core worlds? Unfortunately, he’ll have to, or else the entire Dungeon World may be doomed…

Immerse Yourself in a Vast Adventure

The Dungeon World Series Box Set contains 564,000 words of epic storytelling, featuring LitRPG/GameLit elements such as statistics and leveling, as well as dungeon construction and defense. Dive into a richly crafted world filled with action, suspense, and intriguing characters. This box set offers a unique blend of fantasy, adventure, and strategic gameplay, providing hours of entertainment for readers.

Customer Reviews

Forrest – 3.5 stars

“Overall, I enjoyed the story. I had a lot of problems with it as well. First, as with most self-published litrpgs, it really needs an editor to go through and help fix a bunch of issues. The most frequent of which was the tendency to use the same word multiple times in a sentence.”

Thomas Russell – A decent read, but needs some polish.

“I’ve been binging LitRPG books for the last few months and finally came to Dungeon Cores. This series is, I think, the seminal work in that genre. I liked the story. It was well paced, most of the time; and, came to a satisfying conclusion. I might have given it five stars except for the obvious need for an editor. There are several instances of odd, convoluted, meandering sentence structures and odd word choices. The grammar is inconsistent as well. It became more pronounced toward the end. Even with all that, though, it was an engaging and entertaining read.”

Mvargus – Fantastic idea, but taken a bit too far.

“I’ve read a number of series by Jonathan Brooks and in a couple of cases refused to finish them after the power level creep got so huge that I lost interest in the story. This tale does have a power creep. As each book finishes, we find that our hero, the hybrid human/dungeon, has absorbed more knowledge from dungeons and is increasing what he can do. Of course, the other dungeons throw more and more powerful raids at him, trying to wipe him out before an undefined catastrophe occurs. I think that by the last couple of books, the power levels were just a bit too much for me. Despite the flaws in the plot and its repetitive nature, I enjoyed this tale. Not quite enough to give the whole series 4 stars, but enjoyable enough that I can say this is a high 3-star series and definitely one of the better examples of its type. There actually is some character here. I just wish the power levels hadn’t had to climb so high in the later books.”

Buck Duane – Great series

“Good dungeon core series.”

G G – Enjoyable series

“I’d heard a bit about some of the books in the series but it took me a while to decide to pick them up. Happily, I ended up with the complete set! This 5-book series does a nice job of world-building from a dungeon core’s first foray into the world to a satisfying wrap-up and the next generation beginning their exploits. Along the way, there’s a load of world-building and intricate magic system, and lots of character development. I didn’t end up where I thought it would, which was a nice thing as it meant it wasn’t predictable. I enjoyed the buildup through the novels and the final revealing points. The world has a distinct flavor, and it’s one I may have to do a reread of to catch all that I may have missed the first time around.”

Aaron & Klarissa – Amazing collection

“This book series takes Fred, a loving son to two dungeon cores, on a journey to bridge the lives of dungeon cores and humans. My favorite part was in book 5, with the realization that Dungeon Cores and Humans have something in common. It was interesting that the dungeon cores were very human in their fear of the unknown. The Bonus Story was awesome too, I think it is word for word in Core Convergence but it has been a while since I last read it.”

Ken – Warning: Not a box set: 1 book with tiny print

“So, first of all, the story itself is awesome. I have worked my way through over half the series in Kindle and Audible formats. That said, I clicked through to the box set link on the Kindle e-book format page. There it has a beautiful picture of a box set. So, when I clicked on the link for the paperback version, that is what I thought I was getting. Instead, it is one big book with the exception of stat blocks that are larger, the text is so small that it was literally painful to try to read. Unfortunately, I am already processing a return. I would be willing to pay more for a proper box set, with normal-sized text. As it stands, I am going to order volume 1 in paperback and see if the text size is better.”

Kindle Customer – An Amazing adventure you don’t want to put down

“Amazing storyline, easy to follow, engaging characters, can’t wait to read the next books. One of the best LitRPG series I have read so far.”

Magron Starr – Not a boxed set

“This is a single book, not a box set of 5. The font is so small I cannot read it even with my reading glasses without an extra magnifying glass. Can’t return for a refund as return post would cost almost as much as I paid. This is getting far too common with Amazon purchases, low quality, and poor descriptions in listings.”

Paul Jones – Heavy to hold – review of the book as an object and not the story itself

“I just wanted to highlight that the image on the search screen is for 5 books in a sleeve. If you click the paperback option, it shows a cover, but it isn’t clear it’s one volume at first glance. You get a single heavy tome that is tough to hold up for a long time while reading and telephone directory-like text. It is my fault for not looking at the details carefully, but I feel it’s misleading as the other options are audio and Kindle, so no edition looks like the search image. I am yet to read it, but this is going to have to be a home read and not a book to carry around.”

Steph and Oz Locke – Lovely

“A lovely series! Pretty wholesome. Well-written, clever mechanics, solid world-building. I’m glad someone recommended the series to me!”

Kindle Customer – Great fun

“Very enjoyable, imaginative read, so yes, I would definitely recommend this to any who are new or are already familiar with the genre.”

Simon A – Brilliant Writer

“Fantastic story…cannot put it down…plenty of well-written pages unlike some that you can read in a day!!! Pleased with the discount price…in fact, so good I would pay the full amount.”

Based on the customer reviews, the Dungeon World series seems to have generated mixed reactions among readers. While some praised the world-building, character development, and engaging storyline, others expressed concerns about the power level creep, repetitive plot, and issues with editing and formatting. Despite these mixed opinions, many readers still found enjoyment in the series and appreciated the author’s writing style.

The series offers a unique blend of LitRPG and GameLit elements, featuring dungeon construction, defense, and a well-crafted magic system. With a total word count of 564,000 words, readers can delve into a vast and immersive world, experiencing the adventures of Fredwynklemossering, a young man caught between the realms of Humans and Dungeon Cores.

The Dungeon World Series Box Set includes all five books of the series, hand-drawn maps used during the writing process, and a bonus short story. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or new to LitRPG/GameLit, this collection offers an opportunity to explore a captivating universe filled with mystery, power struggles, and the fate of an entire world hanging in the balance.

Please note that the series does not contain harems or profanity, making it suitable for readers who prefer a cleaner reading experience. However, it is worth mentioning that some reviewers highlighted the need for better editing and polishing to improve the overall reading experience.

In conclusion, the Dungeon World series presents an intriguing journey into a world where dungeons and humans coexist in a symbiotic relationship. While it may have its flaws, the series has garnered a dedicated fan base and offers an enjoyable reading experience for those interested in immersive fantasy adventures and unique world-building.

Author Jonathan Brooks
Publisher Independently published
Language English
Paperback 620 pages
Item Weight 2.97 pounds
Dimensions 8 x 1.55 x 10 inches
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Dungeon World Vol. 1-5

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4.6 out of 5 stars ratings by 406+ customers

The Dungeon World series receives mixed reactions from readers, but its unique blend of LitRPG and GameLit elements keeps fans engaged. With extensive world-building and character development, it offers an immersive experience. However, concerns about power level creep and repetitive plot emerge. Some readers also mention issues with editing and formatting. Despite these flaws, the series captivates with its clever mechanics and solid storytelling. The box set includes all five books, maps, and a bonus short story. It’s a recommended read for those seeking a wholesome and imaginative adventure in the realm of dungeon cores.

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