Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

🐾 Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box features 8 gravity sensors and an anti-pinch motor, ensuring it only activates when your furry friend isn’t around.

🌬️ Litter Robot boasts a swift 5-second disassembly, making clean-up a breeze. Thanks to advanced deodorization technology, there are no more unpleasant surprises. Works with all clumping litter.

📱 Connects via Wi-Fi and monitor litter levels, space in the box, and yes, it even works without a network.

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Cat Litter - Unscented & Natural Ingredients

🌟 Crafted from 100% bentonite clay, our litter offers perfect granule size and texture for superior clumping.

🌬️ Say goodbye to allergies with our 99.9% dust-free, hypoallergenic formula.

🧼 Hard Clumping: Moisture control at its best. Hard clumps make scooping a breeze.

🌸 Enjoy a fresh home with our natural odor-fighting ingredients.

🚫 Keep litter where it belongs with our unique medium grain clay formula.

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